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  • 100 Natural grey pig bristle for brush   JDS375-NGB
100 Natural grey pig bristle for brush   JDS375-NGB

100 Natural grey pig bristle for brush JDS375-NGB

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Description :

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32 years' experience of boiled bristle and 12 years'experience of paint brush filament factory.

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pig hair bristle packaging

card ring with paper card, card ring around 14 grams, paper card around 4 grams         

Carton Size


N.W of bristle

25KG/carton including the card ring and paper

G.W of bristle

27 KG/ carton

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What is the bristle used for? For bristle, can be used to making all kinds of brush, for example, paint brush, artist paint brush, shoe brush, bread brush, hair brush, polish brush, bottle brush, cosmetic brushes and mascara brushes For different brushes, we will bristle accordingly, soft, hard, or middle quality


Why Choose pig hair bristle for brush?The earliest bristle brush is widely used in the construction site of painting, brushing glue, etc. due to its sturdy and durable, toughness, elasticity, non-cold heat, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, etc. 1. Sturdy 2. Durable 3. Toughness 4. Elasticity 5. Non-cold Heat 6. High Temperature resistance

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Where are our raw material of bristle fromGenerally, we buy our raw material of bristle from Sichuan, Chongqing , Guizhou, Yunan, Because of the special temperature,they have big difference of temperature of day and night, So the hair of pig is long and more durable.

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company information

Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co.,Ltd is a family owned and operated China based company, established in 2006. In the last 20 years it focused on natural white, black, grey boiled bristle, brush filament, tapered brush filament, make up filament, PBT eyelash filament. The company plays significant role in the region. We enjoyed great popularity in world market.Refer to the production capacity, we can produce 1000 kg boiled bristle and 3000kg brush filament one day.We have around 100 employees, 5 Engineers, 4 QC. We have good quality control system.Now we would try to sell the top sold products directly to abroad. Please see the below all the products which are on the selling.

Main Products (Boiled Bristle and Brush Filament)

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