About us

Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co. Ltd is a family owned and operated, China-based company, established in 2006. In the last 20 years, it has focused on natural white, black, grey boiled bristles, brush filaments, tapered brush filaments, make-up brush filaments and PBT eyelash brush filaments. The company plays a significant role in the region and enjoys great popularity in the world market.
Regarding production capacity, Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co. Ltd. can produce 1000 kg boiled bristle and 3000kg of brush filaments per day. The company has around 100 employees with 5 engineers and operates a good quality control system.


In its drive to bring it products to the global market, Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co. Ltd is now able to sell these top products abroad:

    1.  Natural black/white/brown boiled (double, triple) bristles 
    2.  Bleached white bristles
    3.  Bristles mixtures                 
    4.  Cut bristles (for hair brush)           
    5.  Synthetic filaments (PET/PBT, solid/hollow/tapered)
    6.  Artist and paint brush filaments                   
    7.  Cosmetic brush filament                           
    8.  PBT eyelash brush filaments

Recently, the price of bristle increased greatly compared to two years ago. There are main two reasons as follows:
The popularity of smartphones has led to a massive use of bristles for polishing screens
Fewer farmers are raising pigs now. It is difficult to buy the raw material
Clever customers have begun to use bristle mixtures, with the trend leaning more towards the sole use of synthetic filaments in order to keep costs down, with the added benefit of synthetic filaments being more colourful, often leading to a superior-looking brush.