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A new round of raw material price increases

Due to the curtailment of the Chinese government, Basically, the production capacity of all factories is not even higher. The results is the price of raw material is increased again and again.


At the moment, the raw material of PBT is USD 3175/Ton, the PET is USD 1270/Ton


The following are the chart:

What our suggestion for customers


1. Place the order in advance to avoid the longest delivery time.

2. Place the order in advance to avoid the updated increased price day by day

3. The Freight cost is still higher and would be not reduce until next year of this time

4. The exchange rate of RMB and USD is not stable, the continuous appreciation of the RMB further increases the products price


When would be this situation slows down?


1. All of the world control well of the covid-19.

2. Balance of market supply and demand

3. The freight cost return back to normal.