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How to distinguish the brush material?

For the price of boiled bristle increased month by month, customers can not bear the cost of making paint brush. So they found the replaceable material----brush synthetic filament.


Most Customers who are the first time to contact this material—synthetic filament. They do not know the feature of them. So Let’s explain one by one.


At the moment, there are three main items of brush filament as following:


Solid: Advantage: it is softer tip and Smooth

Disadvantage: Heavy and not much good painting absorption

Mini Hollow: Advantage: Good Pianting Absorption and light

Disadvantage: Rough

Cross-section: Advantage: Good Painting Absorption

Disadvantage: the body is hard, not softer.


Yangzhou Jingdu Brush is able to off the following synthetic materials for brush:


PET Hollow

PBT solid Tapered Filament

PET and PBT hollow flaggable Filament

PET and PBT Cross-section Filament

PET and PBT Star Filament

PET and PBT Three Holes Filament



South American, European, Middle East, Asia is our Main Market for Filament.


Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co. Ltd. Looks forward to welcoming your enquiries and to supplying you with the genuine products you need to manufacture the perfect brush!”